Regie: Adrian Linz
Scenografie: Gerard Valdivia Hernández
Producent: Amsterdamse Toneelschool en Kleinkunst Academie
Spel: Lauretta van der Merwe, Rosemintje Verpalen, Aileen Pfauth

Stallerhof speelde op de AHK en in Frascati 4.

Stallerhof was een regieproject van Adrian Linz, eerstejaars regie-student aan de AHK. We werkten in 6 weken toe naar een korte presentatie op basis van scènes uit het toneelstuk Stallerhof van de Duitse toneelschrijver Franz Xaver Kroez. Adrian Linz heeft een stijl die doet denken aan de performance-art uit de jaren 60. Hij laat zich inspireren door de regels die de dogma-filmgroep zichzelf oplegde.

De regisseur over het stuk:

“Stallerhof is a critical tragedy about the fears and forces we impose on ourselves, regarding to our social surrounding.
In Stallerhof a farmer family is taken as an example to present an extreme form of a social surrounding for a person. This person is Beppi, the only daughter of a farmers couple. She struggles hard from the remorselessness and coldness of her parents. They reprimand her all the time in terms of religious guidelines. She isolates herself and does not develop in the way her parents want her to. They call her retarded. She beliefs it and it wreaks her to feel solitude. Only the old, lonely Sjef, servant to the Stallerhof, takes care of her. They start a relationship.
For this performance I wanted to focus on the development and reactions of Beppi to her surrounding. I wanted to show the story from her point of view and explore, what she feels like, when her parents treat her bad or when Sjef forces her to have sex.
To intensify the research on the point of view of Beppi I chose to ask three actresses to be the creators of images, use objects and handle with cameras. To have three actresses that acted the same role made it possible to research, if three different persons would react differently to the given circumstances.

De regisseur over de samenwerking
“In the development of the project Aileen was very open for any kind of research and exercise.
In improvisations she used her colorful fantasy, which helped a lot to develop images.
While working on a text and theme, she asked good questions that gave us a different view on the theme. She deals very well with another energy in a choir scene and in spacing in the room. She was very quick in understanding the complicated camera technic and used it in an aesthetic and inspiring way.

Thanks to Aileen, it was great to work together! I thank her for her trust and her energy to find a way through this complex concept. I hope we can work together soon again.”

Adrian Linz, regisseur

Adrian Linz, Lauretta van Merwe
Adrian Linz, Lauretta van Merwe